Film Scores
Press Kit

East West Moon - Trio w/ Ben Street, Dan Weiss
Dark Light
- Trio w/ Ben Street, Dan Weiss
Rita's Blue River Stone
- Improvised solo concert, Spain
Concierto en la Iglesia
- Improvised solo concert, Spain
Duel Pianos - co led with Terry Crayford - piano duets
Jonathan Crayford plays Monk! - solo piano
Decision - trio w/ Patrick Bleakley, Chris O'connore
Jonathan Crayford plays Terry Crayford - trio w/ Pat O'Leary, Clifford Barboro
Jazz at the St James - 4tet w/ Bruno Lawrence, Bernie McGann, Larry Gales
Donde la Luz y el Agua se Juntan - 4tet live, w/ Dave Binney, Max Stowers, Chris O'connore
BigFoot - multi-instrumental w/ Riki Gooch, Ema Paki, Lisa Tomlins, strings

appearing on   Central Park Rhumba - Eddie Bobé
Mambo Macoco - w/ Jay Collins, Donald Nicks, Eddie Bobé, Jose Deleon, Gene Golden, Chris Albert
Bill Ware Y2K Quartet - Bill Ware, Brad Jones, Victor Jones
Dance of the Drunken Master - Groove Collective
Soul Bossa Trio - w/ Groove Collective
Madrugada - Alda Rezende
Traveler - Alda Rezende
Trinity Roots - True
Cornerstone Roots - various
Recloose - various
Olmecha Supreme - various


Jonathan Crayford